A goal-free Derby

The 170th encounter between Manchester United and Manchester City ends at 0-0. After 93 minutes of play, and an occasional good opportunity for the home team, no goals were seen at Old Trafford. A disappointing ending, for what was supposed to be a real spectacle for fans around the globe. Despite the zeros on the monitor, City goes onto being the EPL leader for the week. While the fans go and take a nap.

Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

Not even yesterday’s birthday boy and United’s captain, Wayne Rooney was able to turn that zero into at least, a one. That being said, he got noticed for reasons, other than goal scoring. During the first half of the… First half, he got into a clash with City’s Vincent Company, that left Rooney very red. With staples in his head.

Photo: Reuters.
Photo: Reuters.

Both Pellegrini and Van Gaal intended to switch up the game tempo by introducing new players, which didn’t result in any progress for either teams. City went for a Chelsea-styled “bus” defence, with Joe Hart saving the day for the Sky Blues, on more than one occasion, while United’s offensive line was often broken up and inconsistent.

Photo: Reuters.
Photo: Getty Images.

Most of the match has shown an even playing field, but United did have greater possession ratios: 61,1% vs. 38,9 % in the first half, and 58,7% vs. 41,3% in the second. On the other hand, United failed to make a single direct shot towards the goal in the first half of a Premier League match, ever since 2004. Not a very good way to start off a derby.

Even though they were mostly seen as the winners of today’s game, the Reds didn’t take advantage of their chances, resulting in a very disappointed Van Gaal. Despite a goalless result, we could say that today’s outcome has been the best solution for both United and City. The main objective was in fact, not to lose. And as ironic as that may sound, it was in a way fulfilled.


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