The one, the only, the winner, NOVAK ĐOKOVIĆ!

The Serbian champion and World Number One has won the French Open! Novak Đoković achieved the desired four Grand Slam titles within a calendar year for the first time in four decades. Winning, writing sports history, while drawing a heart in the clay was the final touch of Novak’s incredible victory. 

He beat Murray in the final by 3:1 (3:6, 6:1, 6:2, 6:4) , and got his hands onto the only GS he hasn’t been able to in the past three years. The Serbian National anthem was sounding on the Filip Chatrier Stadium as the best ever was holding his Coupe des Mosquetaires. The Serbian flag, swaying in the wind under the first rays of sunshine the tournament has seen in the past week.

Mentioning his first coach and late grandfather, as the people he would first dedicate his newest title to. Including the love that surrounds him and this sport, and all of his family.

Humble, hungry and enthusiastic, Novak is a true example of the championship spirit, an incredible sportsman and an individual that is worth every single tear.


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