Serbian shortlist

After the less than shocking quitting of Nikola Jokić, Serbia’s National Team had its first tweaks. The broad list of 25 players got cut down to only 17. 

Source: FIBA

Serbia will have a mix of both Euroleague and NBA experience, which should give them enough of a competitive boost.  The names are the same, while the ambitions are higher with every tournament.

Here are Đorđević’ 17:

Miloš Teodosić

Stefan Jović

Vasilije Micić

Nemanja Nedović

Bogdan Bogdanović

Branko Lazić

Nikola Kalinić

Dragan Milosavljević

Marko Simonović

Marko Gudurić

Milan Mačvan

Stefan Birčević

Vladimir Lučić

Miroslav Raduljica

Ognjen Kuzmić

Vladimir Štimac

Boban Marjanović

Unfortunately, Nemanja Bjelica will be out again due to injury, Nemanja Dangubić has decided to work on his individual training during the Summer league, while the youngins Radanov, Dobrić and Davidovac have taken their spots in the youth National team.


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