Radonjić quits Red Star

Coach Dejan Radonjić refused to renew his contract with Red Star, leaving the current ABA league champion without its key figure. He is now on a long list of members that have left the team in the past month, joining players: Jović, Simonović, Gudurić, Jenkins…

Radonjić won’t be leading Zvezda towards F4 in Belgrade. Source: Tanjug

Radonjić spent six years in the Belgrade, leading the Red and Whites towards their first titles and major successes after a decade long drought. He represents a key feature of the club’s renaissance and the embodiment of defiance, control and a unique sense of humor.

The reasons for Radonjić’ refusal haven’t been officially reported, though it’s clear that the current financial situation in the club made a great influence on this parting of ways.

The public is shocked, the fans are disappointed, while the Red and Whites are left having to chase after the most important piece, the new man in charge.


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