Water polo: Even the champions have to lose

Serbia was defeated by Croatia in a true derby (11:12) of the Budapest World Championship SF. The Dolphins made a good opening, but ended up on the losing side. A strange result for the reigning World Champions, that eventually had to happen.


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Serbia’s National Team are known as the All around champions, uniting World, Europe, World League and Olympic gold medals. Undefeated since 2013. Nobody has done it before.  Continue reading Water polo: Even the champions have to lose

Year Two

It’s now been two years since I officially started blogging. A casual project  I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with for more than a few months is another year older. And these 365 days flew by even quicker.

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WP: Serbia wins another World League!

No surprise here. Fifth consecutive WL  title for the new and improved Serbian National Team! Dejan Savić’s Dolphins have beat Italy in a tense final by 10:9. 

Najboljiiii na svetuuu!

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Serbia played without retired captain Živko Gocić and Slobodan Nikić.

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The old United reunites

At least for a few hours, we had the chance to see an epic set of players reunite for the Reds, as Old Trafford was saying: Thank you to club legend Michael Carrick. 

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Totti retires from Roma

The Prince of Rome has said his sporting goodbyes today, at the absolutely packed Olympic Stadium. Marking an end to his quoter of a century long era in Roma, Totti represents one of the very few faithfuls. Once a hopeful and talented boy is now leaving as a successful man. 

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Superliga: Partizan je šampion

Nakon odigranih svih 37 kola, završena je ovosezonska Superliga. Partizan je ozvaničio 27. titulu petardom na JNA protiv Mladosti iz Lučana. U niži rang ispali su Novi Pazar i Metalac. 

Foto: FK Partizan

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Superleague: The home grown drama rewind

Football resembles life, in the sense that it can always get worse.


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The SLS  has been giving us episodes of destruction and demise worthy of a TV drama, featuring both of the former greats, Crvena zvezda and Partizan. The latest: debts, blame and drama, all set into motion by a match and a press conference. Continue reading Superleague: The home grown drama rewind

Superliga: Pregled 34. kola

Povratak izveštvavanja o SLS, nakon niza neočekivanih događaja. Tri kola pre kraja, Zvezda je prednost na tabeli prepustila Partizanu, Božović podneo ostavku. 

Prvi. Foto: FK Partizan

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