Serbia wins another World League!

No surprise here. Fifth consecutive WL  title for the new and improved Serbian National Team! Dejan Savić’s Dolphins have beat Italy in a tense final by 10:9. 

Najboljiiii na svetuuu!

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Serbia played without retired captain Živko Gocić and Slobodan Nikić.

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Serbia’s U21 team: proof that anything can be taken apart

The reigning World champions have lost to Spain by 0:1 in a match marked by their missed shots and chaotic play. The U21 European Championship is done for team Serbia.

A mere shadow of the team that brought Serbia new faith in football only two years ago.

Eurobasket: Initial list for team Serbia

Coach Aleksandar Đorđević has announced the names on the preliminary list for the Eurobasket. The current Serbian broad list consists of 25 players. Some are well known for their performances in the NT, while we also get to see some fresh faces.

Source: Teo4

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KLS: Crveno-beli proslavili titulu

Nastavak uspeha pod znakom pitanja

Crvena zvezda MTS osvajač je Košarkaške lige Srbije. Sinoć su savladali ekipu FMP-a rezultatom 87:57. Već treći put zaredom, igrači Dejana Radonjića su šampioni Srbije. 

Euforija. Koliko će da traje? Foto: KKCZ

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The old United reunites

At least for a few hours, we had the chance to see an epic set of players reunite for the Reds, as Old Trafford was saying: Thank you to club legend Michael Carrick. 

Photo: Reuters

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Juve or Real, that is the question

The Champions League final is only minutes away.  As the world is getting ready for the match of the season, the matter of Gigi Buffon finally taking the biggest club trophy is cause for millions to root for Juve.

On the other hand, Real Madrid is chasing a record of two consecutive UCL titles. A matter of huge pride for the Spanish fans.  With all at stake, it will seem long, it will be intense and we might even see some penalties.

Get your TV ready, set up your streams… It’s time.


Totti retires from Roma

The Prince of Rome has said his sporting goodbyes today, at the absolutely packed Olympic Stadium. Marking an end to his quoter of a century long era in Roma, Totti represents one of the very few faithfuls. Once a hopeful and talented boy is now leaving as a successful man. 

Source: Depor

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Six years ago United played a UCL final

Tonight they took a Europa League trophy against Ajax (0:2). Three managers, and a series of result turmoils later, an almost entirely new squad raised the trophy that leads them to the much more coveted Champions League. 

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F4: Fener takes the trophy

Fenerbahce ended the season in the best way possible. By winning the Euroleague. The coveted trophy was awarded to the team of coach Zeljko Obradovic after a win over Olympiacos (80:64).

This was one of the best matches of the season for Serbian NT players Nikola Kalinić and Bogdan Bogdanović.