Radonjić quits Red Star

Coach Dejan Radonjić refused to renew his contract with Red Star, leaving the current ABA league champion without its key figure. He is now on a long list of members that have left the team in the past month, joining players: Jović, Simonović, Gudurić, Jenkins…

Radonjić won’t be leading Zvezda towards F4 in Belgrade. Source: Tanjug

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Serbian shortlist

After the less than shocking quitting of Nikola Jokić, Serbia’s National Team had its first tweaks. The broad list of 25 players got cut down to only 17. 

Source: FIBA

Serbia will have a mix of both Euroleague and NBA experience, which should give them enough of a competitive boost.  The names are the same, while the ambitions are higher with every tournament. Continue reading Serbian shortlist

Superleague: The home grown drama rewind

Football resembles life, in the sense that it can always get worse.


Photo: Istock

The SLS  has been giving us episodes of destruction and demise worthy of a TV drama, featuring both of the former greats, Crvena zvezda and Partizan. The latest: debts, blame and drama, all set into motion by a match and a press conference. Continue reading Superleague: The home grown drama rewind

Happy Birthday, Andrija Prlainović!

Another Dolphin turns 30. Andrija Prlainović was born in the coastal town of Herceg Novi. Having loved sports since childhood, Prlainović ended up in water polo, as so many others living by the sea. 

Source: Tanjug

Nevertheless, he turned out very differently.  Our favorite Eleven is the owner of some 40  team medals, and individual awards. The one shining the brightest is undoubtedly the Olympic gold. Continue reading Happy Birthday, Andrija Prlainović!

Back in Belgrade

Yesterday I came home from the States. It took two flights, a total of 15 hours (counting the customs), and around 40 hours of not sleeping. Some of my travel photos are up on IG.

The sport updates are the following:

Some things never change. Source: RTS

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Pripreme za Derbi – Derby preps

Poznati su akteri, poznato je i da derbi ne bi bio derbi, ako me ne prati neka prehlada. Čisto da garantuje odlazak na stadion u dobrom društvu. Pratite me na Instagramu, za foto i video materijale, koji će biti dopunjavani u zavisnosti od uslova, a izveštaj standardno. Po povratku iz rovova.

Rezultatski polovičnog značaja, fudbalski odavno izgubljen, navijački, jedno od poslednjih uporišta za pravu predstavu na tribinama… Neka nam je sa srećom 154. derbi.

A football derby (Zvezda- Partizan) wouldn’t be a true derby, if I were a hundred percent healthy. The standard cold has arrived tonight, making sure I went to the stadium in good company.

The afternoon and evening will be all about Serbian football. Full report once I’m back from the trenches, and live materials on Instagram – @sideline_srb, as much as the conditions allow it.

I will keep you updated through the noise and all the colorful pyro smoke, that is bound to put a delay in the match, at least once.

Pre-derby drama

Zvezda will be battling Partizan on Saturday in the 153rd Derby. As in any big derby, there are expectations and drama. Despite being three days away, the match that has yet to be played is causing controversy due to the impromptu change of referee.

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The dream is up for Leicester

After a half season that was in fact far from perfect, Claudio Ranieri got fired. The man who brought the club from the dead is now out of a job.

Leicester lived the most amazing year they could have imagined. Winning the Premier League, beating the favorites, becoming a true football wonder. An example of possibilities  in modern football.  Alas, the latest developments are waking us all up.

The Neo and the Nazi of Serbian football

Despite being one of the bastions of fight against nazism and fascism throughout history, Serbia is facing an increase in neo-nazi ideology on its stands. The perfect terrain for spreading hatred? A football pitch.

Exclusion of non sporting elements from the stands? Yes, please. Photo: Web.

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