Miloš Teodosić to miss Eurobasket

Miloš Teodosić is officially out with an injury. Serbian captain and one of the most beloved European players will not be joining his team at the European Basketball Championship

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Serbia wins U18 European Championship

Serbia’s young players are the new U18 European Champions. They beat Spain by 74:62 in Bratislava. A tournament that has fully confirmed their domination and potential.

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Aside from the best possible outcome for the team, Serbia also has an individual title. Nikola Mišković is the tournament MVP. Continue reading Serbia wins U18 European Championship

Serbian shortlist

After the less than shocking quitting of Nikola Jokić, Serbia’s National Team had its first tweaks. The broad list of 25 players got cut down to only 17. 

Source: FIBA

Serbia will have a mix of both Euroleague and NBA experience, which should give them enough of a competitive boost.  The names are the same, while the ambitions are higher with every tournament. Continue reading Serbian shortlist

Eurobasket: Initial list for team Serbia

Coach Aleksandar Đorđević has announced the names on the preliminary list for the Eurobasket. The current Serbian broad list consists of 25 players. Some are well known for their performances in the NT, while we also get to see some fresh faces.

Source: Teo4

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Denver says YES

The strongly covered case of Nikola Jokić has finally gotten to the proper channels. Serbia’s Basketball Federation has issued a press release, tackling his potential lack of participation on the Eurobasket.

O "Aferi Jokić" se oglasio i KSS. #sport #kosarka #srbija #reprezentacija #basketball #jokic @nuggets

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Pismo KSS-u: “Srbija izgubila pravo na Evrobasket”

Serbia to be excluded from the Eurobasket

Košarkaški savez Srbije, objavio je danas mejl evropskog ogranka FIBE, kojim se potvrđuju pređašnji navodi o kazni srpske Nacionalne selekcije. U mejlu se navodi da je razlog ovakve odluke Svetske kuće košarke u najkraćim crtama: “kršenje propisa FIBE i EU”.

Potpisnik je Kamil Novak, izvršni direktor FIBA Evropa.

Pismo prenosim u celini:

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 3.02.05 PM.png
Foto: KSS

Po navodima KSS, čelnici Saveza bi trebalo da se sastanu početkom naredne nedelje, kako bi diskutovali o adekvatnim merama odgovora na ovakav presedan.

Srbija ne ide na Evrobasket?!

Serbia not going to the Eurobasket?

Due to a conflict between FIBA and the Euroleague, a list National teams that are possible to miss the next Eurobasket was issued. Among those names is Serbia. On the other hand, Slovenia already has the official exclusion confirmation, while the others will have to wait for at least another day. In case of actual exclusion, the decision of the International Basketball Federation may have further repercussions, in these teams participation on the upcoming Olympics.

On the list of potential non participants are also: Lithuania, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Russia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Montenegro, Poland and Turkey.

Nakon opsežnih diskusija na relaciji Evropske kuće košarke, Evrolige i matičnih saveza, sastavljena je lista reprezentacija koje najverovatnije neće učestvovati na sledećem Evrobasketu. Od ukupno četrnaest imena, na spisku se našla i Srbija. Sloveniji je već potvrđeno isključenje, dok se oglašavanje zvaničnika u vezi sa ostalim reprezentacijama očekuje sutra.

Moguće je da se ovakav tretman reprezentacija odrazi i na njihovo učešće na predstojećim Olimpijskim igrama u Riju. Treba napomenuti da u ovom momentu ostaje samo čekanje na oglašavanje zvaničnika.

Serbia loses bronze, as Spain reaches gold

Serbia’s National team wasn’t able to recover from their first defeat on the competition. Instead, they lost a chance to win the European bronze, and ended up fourth.

The players of Aleksandar Đorđević lost to France, by 81:86. A lack of initiative and precision, for a less then glorious ending of the Championship. Serbia is now left to compete in one of the qualifying tournaments, for another chance to reach Rio.
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SRB – LTU (64-67)

After an incredible winning streak, of seven games and as many victories, Serbia has lost. Lithuania  was the team to break this amazing score, by a 67-64 win over the Eagles.

Photo: Eurobasket. All rights reserved.
Photo: Eurobasket

The Greens proceed into the final, as Serbia is left to fight for bronze on Sunday against an equally disappointed France. The host intends to end the competition with a medal, while Serbia is looking for at least a third place solace. Nevertheless, the 2016 Olympics will still stay as a hypothetical option for both teams, as only the spot in the final was a guarantee for a trip to Rio.

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Gasol takes Spain to the final

After a very week start, Spain continues to pull through even during the final rounds of the Eurobasket. A disputed win over Greece, after which Vassilis Spanoulis announced his retirement from the National team, Spain surpassed France, during last night’s first semifinal. This year France broke the tradition, in which the hosting nation were to reach the final phases of a major tournament. A new crowd record was set, at 26.922 spectators.

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