Six years ago United played a UCL final

Tonight they took a Europa League trophy against Ajax (0:2). Three managers, and a series of result turmoils later, an almost entirely new squad raised the trophy that leads them to the much more coveted Champions League. 

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Van Gaal is OUT!

Louis Van Gaal is no longer the manager of Manchester United. After a regrettable season, many misjudgements and a failed transfer list, the controversial Dutchman will not form part of the Red Devils in seasons to come.

This news comes as a relief to millions of fans worldwide, who have been campaigning against Van Gaal on social media for months. He will most likely be replaced by another controversial coach, also fired from his previous club. – Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho, sacked

Murinjo ostao bez posla

After a bad string of results, the Special One is out of a job. Chelsea FC confirmed the news, adding that the agreement was mutual. So far, Mourinho hasn’t commented on this latest chain of events.

Nakon niza loših rezultata, Čelsi je otpustio Žozea Murinja. Vest je danas potvrđena i na zvančnoj prezentaciji kluba.

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