Juve or Real, that is the question

The Champions League final is only minutes away.  As the world is getting ready for the match of the season, the matter of Gigi Buffon finally taking the biggest club trophy is cause for millions to root for Juve.

On the other hand, Real Madrid is chasing a record of two consecutive UCL titles. A matter of huge pride for the Spanish fans.  With all at stake, it will seem long, it will be intense and we might even see some penalties.

Get your TV ready, set up your streams… It’s time.


Image of the day

After beating Porto (0:2) Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon greeted his friend and fellow keeper Iker Casillas. The two have always shared the true values of football, representing one of the very few greats left in the game. 

Source: Tumblr

Nakon pobede Juventusa na gostovanju Portu (0:2), Bufon i Kasiljas su se srdačno pozdravili i razmenili dresove. Gest koji je odavno prerastao u tradiciju od strane igrača koji vraćaju veru u fudbal, oduševio je navijače.

UCL: Highlights

Barça beats Arsenal by 3:1, while Juventus loses a sorted match, after a tense 120 minutes. The final score was 4:2 for Bayern, who ended up having a leg up, and one very lucky shooter.

The MSN trio is running wild, according to the expectations, giving the Gunners almost no palpable chance at the standardly packed Camp Nou.

On the other side of Europe, tonight was Pep Guardiola’s first time to win a UCL match in which his team had been losing during its first half. It is also important to mention the fact that Bayern’s final goal was scored by Kinglsey Coman. He was sent off to Munich from Juventus, after underperforming in the opinion of Black and White’s HQ.

The irony in this one needs no further pointing out.

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