Gold gone with the wind

Ivana Španović has lost a gold medal in the most bizarre of ways. The number mark got separated from her back as she landed a 7.02 jump. By an arbitrary decision, this meant her jump had ended at 6.92, which was far from the desired gold.

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KLS: Crveno-beli proslavili titulu

Nastavak uspeha pod znakom pitanja

Crvena zvezda MTS osvajač je Košarkaške lige Srbije. Sinoć su savladali ekipu FMP-a rezultatom 87:57. Već treći put zaredom, igrači Dejana Radonjića su šampioni Srbije. 

Euforija. Koliko će da traje? Foto: KKCZ

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Juve or Real, that is the question

The Champions League final is only minutes away.  As the world is getting ready for the match of the season, the matter of Gigi Buffon finally taking the biggest club trophy is cause for millions to root for Juve.

On the other hand, Real Madrid is chasing a record of two consecutive UCL titles. A matter of huge pride for the Spanish fans.  With all at stake, it will seem long, it will be intense and we might even see some penalties.

Get your TV ready, set up your streams… It’s time.


Back in Belgrade

Yesterday I came home from the States. It took two flights, a total of 15 hours (counting the customs), and around 40 hours of not sleeping. Some of my travel photos are up on IG.

The sport updates are the following:

Some things never change. Source: RTS

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Ponovo prvi!

Crvena zvezda MTS ponovni je prvak regionalne ABA lige. Savladana je Cedevita u Zagrebu, rezultatom 61:77. Već treću godinu zaredom, pehar koji vodi u Evroligu podižu igrači Dejana Radonjića, dok je Dženkins imenovan kao MVP.

I pehar i prsten. Foto: ABA Liga

Ispunjen je cilj za narednu sezonu. Nakon napornih šest meseci, crveno-beli sada su uplovili u znatno mirnije vode. Poslednji deo sezone rezervisan je za Košarkašku ligu Srbije, kojoj prethodi nedelju dana neophodne pauze.

Dortmund in shock

A definite delay in Dortmund due to three separate explosions. Marc Bartra is slightly injured (cuts and bruises) and the match between Borussia and Monaco is due tomorrow at 18:45 (CET). 

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Chicago: NBA ready

After a short hiatus, I’m back to writing about basketball with a special treat. Tonight will be all  about the NBA, as I’m taking you to the Bulls v Cavs. 

The Bulls are playing as the winners in three out of their five last games (35-39), while still being placed as ninth. On the other hand, Clevland isn’t feeling the heat, as the Cavs are comfortably placed in the general standings, but are looking for their first win of the season in the Windy City.

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Barça moves on! 

After an epic match at the Camp Nou, Barça beat PSG by 6:1 and moved onto the next phase of the Champions League!

The hero. Source:  The Independent

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