Once a winner

Serbia was able to pull everything back together, winning the bronze medal at the Water Polo World Championship. The Dolphins beat Greece by 11:8 in their well known style, taking the podium at 10/10 competitions. 

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Photo: VSS

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Water polo: Even the champions have to lose

Serbia was defeated by Croatia in a true derby (11:12) of the Budapest World Championship SF. The Dolphins made a good opening, but ended up on the losing side. A strange result for the reigning World Champions, that eventually had to happen.


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Serbia’s National Team are known as the All around champions, uniting World, Europe, World League and Olympic gold medals. Undefeated since 2013. Nobody has done it before.  Continue reading Water polo: Even the champions have to lose

Water polo: Serbia’s easy start

Serbia makes a convincing performance at the start of the FINA World Championship. The Dolphins beat South Africa by 21:5.

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Serbia managed a 10-5 in the first 10 minutes. Filipović, Ćuk, Mandić… All multiple scorers against an enthusiastic, but far than serious opponent. The winner was never brought to question, as the crowd was applauding both competitors.

A routine intro for the defending champions, that face off Spain in the next round.

WP: Serbia wins another World League!

No surprise here. Fifth consecutive WL  title for the new and improved Serbian National Team! Dejan Savić’s Dolphins have beat Italy in a tense final by 10:9. 

Najboljiiii na svetuuu!

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Serbia played without retired captain Živko Gocić and Slobodan Nikić.

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Happy Birthday, Andrija Prlainović!

Another Dolphin turns 30. Andrija Prlainović was born in the coastal town of Herceg Novi. Having loved sports since childhood, Prlainović ended up in water polo, as so many others living by the sea. 

Source: Tanjug

Nevertheless, he turned out very differently.  Our favorite Eleven is the owner of some 40  team medals, and individual awards. The one shining the brightest is undoubtedly the Olympic gold. Continue reading Happy Birthday, Andrija Prlainović!

Waterpolo: just like always

Delfini kao i uvek

Srpski Delfini, savladali su selekciju Nemačke sa ubedljivih 20:3. Uprkos odsustvu nekih od ključnih golgetera, podmlađena ekipa Dejana Savića, ruinirala je goste, pokazujući spremnost za nastavak odbrane Svetske lige. 

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Serbia keeps on the winning pace in the pool. In the Water Polo World League round 5, they beat Germany by 20:3. An absolutely fantastic score that shows off all of team Serbia’s best features. Continue reading Waterpolo: just like always

Egzistencijalna kriza Partizana

Svet domaćeg vaterpola potresa ozbiljna finansijska kriza u VK Partizan. Stanje koje sa pauzama traje poslednjih pet godina, doživljava kulminaciju. Nakon igrača koji su grejanje bazena dobili tek zahvaljujući angažovanju roditelja, usledili su zvanični apeli u vezi sa funkcionisanjem čitavog kluba.

Foto: Pintrest

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Water polo: a well deserved retirement

One of water polo’s most beloved pairings has officially retired from the National Team. Slobodan Nikić and teammate Živko Gocić have played their last match as Dolphins at the Tašmajdan pool in Belgrade, Serbia.

cica zile 2.JPG
Nikić (left) and Gocić (right), enjoying their seats. Photo: J.L.

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